About Me

“Don’t just survive life, live it!  Don’t just survive, thrive!”  this is my motto which keeps me motivated to look after my mind and my body as if  they are the most precious belongings that I have. It has always been my passion to lead a healthy and qualified life. And the best – maybe the most important way going there is doing sports. I started doing fitness at the age of 18. I was quite a chabby young girl back then. On realising how wonderful it is to love your body and to feel the unique energy that doing sports supply, it was impossible to give it up! When I first met Pilates at the age of 26. Despite the fact that I was already quite fit and loved my body, I was quite astonished how quickly and easily Pilates alter my body for the better, made my entire body more flexiable and my posture more aligned. These results motivated me to learn more about this magique technique, so I enrolled BAPS Pilates Instructor trainings. Thus my passion about Pilates started in the year 2011. Since then, I have joined many trainings, seminars and workshops not to miss any single detail about it and to improve myself more. My trainings worked really well and my clients became my biggest motivation. As they became healthier, fitter and happier, I became more and more in love with what I was doing. After a while, I realised that it wasn’t enough for me. I needed to do more to help my clients with serious posture problems. Then I started a hard but an amazing eye-opening posture training in 2016 and I became a certfied NPI Posture Corrector. Now, I am proud to be able to help my clients with their various problems proffesionally including weight loss, back and neck pains, rounded shoulder, lordosis, kyposis, flat feet and many more.


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